Cover Artwork by Raymond Sohn

Cover Artwork by Raymond Sohn

Released in 2008 on Ropeadope Records, Inventing the Wheel is the culmination of JDT's acoustic/electronic songwriting and improvisation. Featuring Aaron Nevezie on bass and David Mason on drums, ITW is not your average piano trio record. Electronic treatment on acoustic piano, distorted basslines and driving drum beats create a unique and distinctly urban soundtrack.

"The jazz of the future. Ropeadope Records has been scooping up the best in forward-looking jazz groups since 1999 and their latest find, JDT, is no exception. The band’s tune ‘Neckface’ features fuzzy, punkish basslines beneath layers of melodic acoustic piano and distorted electric keyboards. ‘Gastrophysics,’ with its infectious synth melody and driving drumbeat, is pure, unrepentant video game funk."  Relix Magazine

"JDT has crafted a record that is a terrific addition to the year’s jazz releases and one of the best instrumental piano albums in recent memory – rich with melody, sharp song craft, and inspired performances."  Stereo Subversion

01 Everything Must Go

02 Gastrophysics

03 Falling Off The Horse

04 Neckface

05 Sleeping With My Avatar

06 Off The Grid

07 CA In AC

08 20%

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