Jason Domnarski is a Moog Artist.

Jason Domnarski is a Moog Artist.





A promising young pianist deeply attuned to pop production and orchestration.  New York Times

The jazz of the future. Ropeadope Records has been scooping up the best in forward-looking jazz groups since 1999 and their latest find, JDT, is no exception. The band’s tune ‘Neckface’ features fuzzy, punkish basslines beneath layers of melodic acoustic piano and distorted electric keyboards. ‘Gastrophysics,’ with its infectious synth melody and driving drumbeat, is pure, unrepentant video game funk.  Relix Magazine

JDT has crafted a record that is a terrific addition to the year’s jazz releases and one of the best instrumental piano albums in recent memory – rich with melody, sharp song craft, and inspired performances.  Stereo Subversion

Sexy, moody, irresistible; the song just works and you’re embracing that. Go with the flow.  Bears Eat Beats

With their new EP Vices, JDT mashes the cool, dry sound of electronics with catchy, loungy keyboard motives, played over a deep bass and drums that channel Charlie Watts. It’s a happy marriage of analog and digital equipment usage.  Here Comes The Flood

This is the kind of music that I wish could be placed in the hands of people who have given up on jazz.  Great stuff for expansion of the personal listening horizon.  Jazz.com

The jazz-inflected piano trio sports a new and playfully decadent guise, thanks to pianist/composer Jason Domnarski’s crafty musical mindset.  As a purveyor of New York City downtown-style fare, the artist skillfully hues these tuneful pieces with subliminal effects, antiquated keys and sharp production methodologies.  All About Jazz

Jazz meets ambient electronic sounds and killer keyboard skills. The trio’s sound is hypnotic, seductive and unassuming at the same time as it is new, inventive and exciting.  Metroland “Noteworthy”

"Notes from Underground" brings the listener into Domnarski’s world, where musical styles blend to invent a new and quite mesmerizing soundtrack. Jazz Chicago

Walk down any street in New York City and you’re bound to see flyers for some band that is supposedly the next big thing in retro cool. While some musicians dedicate their efforts to their status, others channel their energy into their art. In an era where fashion overrules the music, Jason Domnarski is turning heads by playing his own innovative style of jazz. Knocks from Underground